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For immediate access to WTVP Passport, payment needs to be processed on a credit card with a minimum annual gift of $60 or $5 ongoing monthly sustainer contribution.

If you are wanting to set up specific payment options that are not listed on our donation page, please call 1.866.377.0555 to make your pledge of support. Thank you!

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All membership levels of $50 or more will receive the monthly WTVP Program Guide mailed to their home. To receive WTVP Passport, contributions need to be at the $60 or more membership level.

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Thank you for your WTVP contribution at the $60 or more level. You are eligible for WTVP Passport.

For immediate access, please select a credit card payment. In your confirmation email, you will receive the passport token code to activate your WTVP Passport. Otherwise, your passport token will be mailed or emailed to you in the next 10 days.

Matching Gift Companies & Viewing Habits

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Many companies show their support for public television by matching employees' or retirees' gifts. You can double or triple the impact of your gift by completeing your employer's matching gift process. May we ask who your employer is?

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